Da Vinci Lab is the place where inspiration, research, comparison, vision, history, art and corporate culture come together.

Creative sensitivity, research and development of new ideas are an integral part of the Da Vinci Lab  . Anticipating market trends based on aesthetic indications and formulating a tailor-made product to create value for the customer.


Da Vinci Lab carries out research, analysis and study related to trends in the furniture, construction, fashion and design industry


Inspired by the environment that surrounds us, from the landscapes of the Terre di Leonardo to the world of design, fashion and textiles, within the Da Vinci Lab are carried out activities related to the study and development of technological innovations to improve existing products, create new or refine production processes


In Da Vinci Lab are organized training activities, such as courses, seminars, conferences and webinars, dedicated to professionals of today and tomorrow, with the involvement of universities and schools of architecture, design and fashion


Within the Da Vinci Lab, projects, initiatives, research, studies and analyses related to the theme of environmental sustainability are promoted and carried out: from the integration of new materials in the production chain to the support of circular economy