” Flexibility is our philosophy “

• Cutting

• Milling

• Taping

• Drilling

• Grooving

• Testing

• Packaging


Process carried out by means of a blade, which guarantees a very precise cut. The cut allows to divide the Master panel into submultiples.


Working with tools and cutters mounted on machine tools such as milling machines or drills. Unlike other more simpler processes, milling requires rotating the tool and moving the piece: the rotating cutting edges of the cutter remove the wood from the piece when it interfgers with the cutter.


Processing carried out by folding the panel in half with application of tape on the back. The two parts of the panel are then superimposed on each other, the panel is “closed like a book”, boxed and shipped. This operation facilitates the handling of the product without altering its uniformity and structural characteristics.


It consists in making a hole inside the panel. The drilling of the panels is carried out on computerized numerical control machinery, with almost absolute precision.


It consists in making incisions on panels through the use of a blade.


Further final check to complete all inspections already carried out during production and to ensure the quality of the end product.


The processing consists to coupling the panels of similar sizes and weights in order to optimize the shipping of the product, whereby protective measures are applied at the corners, fixed with a firm strapping.


Cleaning and maintenance

• Avoid exposure to humidity during transport and use adequate fixing tools to avoid falling of the material, also using non-slip mats.

• Always lift the panels and avoid rubbing the decorations to ensure their integrity.

• Store and treat panels in warehouses with constant climatic conditions

• Avoid the proximity of the panels to heat source direct sunlight, strong variations in humidity and non-homogeneous climatic conditions.

Disposal and Environment

• All our wood materials are managed responsibly to prevent possible damage to people and / or things and to minimize the impact on the environment.

• Manufacturing waste is managed in an optimal way, favoring recycling through specialized companies for the manufacture of new panels.

• Respecting the environment, we use panels with recycled wood and sawmill wood waste; we use suppliers located near the operating structures to reduce the emission of gas from the transport and we use rail or sea instead of road transport.

• We prefer to process wood from certified forests. We oversee all wood purchases and the most common forest certifications through a strict control procedure.