History and Development

Sigel Group is a family company with a managerial governance.

The company was founded in 1980 by Roberto Lastrucci.

By the inclusion of his sons, the company grows with three production units and three foreign ones. The first cutting plant was installed at the end of 1980s, followed by further 10 plants in the following years. The production of composite panels began in the 1990s.

Today the Sigel Group is managed by Gianpaolo Lastrucci and is an important industrial partner for the supply of panels in the furniture, building and automotive sectors.



• 1987

Opening of the plant in Cenaia (PI) and start-up the cutting machine, with extension of the product range for the furniture and industry furniture market.

• 1991

Production of the melamine panels begins at Cenaia (PI).

• 1992

Acquisition of the Sarad company in Pesaro with the start-up of the cutting machine.

• 1995

Opening of the Xilocom company with start-up of the cutting machine and aesthetic testing line of panels.

• 1998

Expansion of the production capacity by installing new cutting systems in Comeco  e Xilocom.

• 2005

The company name is united in the Gruppo Sigel SpA .

• 2009

Opening of the plant in Russia with start-up of the cutting mashine.

• 2012

Opening of the plant in Poland with the commissioning of the cutting machine.

• 2013

The Group is controlled by the main company Hgl srl.

• 2014

Incorporation of Sarad Srl into the  Gruppo Sigel Italia SpA.

• 2015

Investments in the new melamine line and increase in production capacity with melamine panel facing system in Cenaia.

• 2016

Opening of the new plant in Carugo (CO), in Lombardy.                                        

Relocation of the plant to Russia.

• 2017

Opening of the new plant in Tekirdağ – Turchia.                                            

New cutting machine in Polonia.

• 2018

Opening of the LAB & Museum in the  Empoli headquarter.

• 2019

Da Vinci Lab is the launch of new collections dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci .

Restauration of  Vitruvian Men.

• 2020

Investments in roller coating line for new finishing.

Installation of new cutting systems at the San Quirino location.

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