Our Oil

The olives, still harvested manually, are cold-pressed on the same day of collection and give life to our unmistakable extra virgin olive oil with a pungent flavor and decisive warmth.

• Variety of olive trees – Mignola, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo

• Soil – Calcareous of marine origin

• Harvest – From mid-October to mid-November, done by hand and crushed within 24 hours

• Pressing – Pressing is done with a soft mechanical method, in order to preserve all the qualities

• Color – From intense green to golden yellow, depending on the ripening of the olives

• Aroma – Pungent with hints of artichoke

• Taste – Slightly spicy with a pleasant bitter note.

Marliana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with olives harvested in our organic olive grove, where plants are allowed to grow naturally without the use of synthetic chemicals.