Gruppo Sigel S.p.a. is a family owned company with a managerial administration, founded in 1980 by Roberto Lastrucci.

With the rise of his sons, the company continued its expansion first in Italy with three production centers and then abroad with three more centers. The first sawing plant was installed at the end of 1980s, followed by further 10 plants in the following years. In 90’s it started the manufacturing of ennobled panels with calendring and press systems. 

Today Gruppo Sigel Italia S.p.a. is managed and coordinated by the holding society Sogemi Invest.

“The secret to moving forward is to start”

Opening of the plant in Cenaia  (PI) and start-up the cutting machine, with extension of the product range for the furniture and industry furniture market.

Production of the melamine panels begins at Cenaia  (PI).

Acquisition of the Sarad  company in Pesaro with the start-up of the cutting machine.

Opening of the Xilocom company with start-up of the cutting machine and aesthetic testing line of panels.

The company name is united in the Gruppo Sigel SpA .

Opening of the plant in Russia with start-up of the cutting mashine.

Opening of the plant in Poland with the commissioning of the cutting machine.

Opening of the new plant in Tekirdağ – Turchia.  .

Opening of the operational headquarters in Empoli.

Art Camper: the innovative showroom.

Sigel Art contributes to the restoration of the Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man in Vinci, symbol of its home town.

New Cenaia bonding lines and 4.0 Industry Quality System .

Opening of Leonardo Museum Experience – the business museum dedicated to Sigel Art collections and artefacts

Gruppo Sigel Italia SPA becomes Gruppo Sigel SRL Benefit Corporation.

Da Vinci Lab opening, this is the place where inspiration, research, comparison, vision, history, art and corporate culture come together.