Sigel Group takes into account the ESG criteria, a measuring instrument of its impact on the planet and the individual.

The three letters of the acronym ESG refer to the English words:

Environmental -> impact on environment and territory

Social -> initiatives with a social impact

Governance -> more internal aspects of the company and its administration

With the transformation in 2021 from SPA to SRL , Sigel Group becomes a Benefit Corporation and it places sustainability and individuals at the center of corporate development, aware that economic growth can and must take place through respect for the planet and the centrality of man.

Sigel Group has always taken care of sustainability as a culture and business growth, in fact it has adopted consistent and sustainable methodologies to its production, logistic and also to its organizational and management processes.

Environmental impact

The company carefully identifies and selects its suppliers

the research has allowed the company to increase the use of recycled raw materials and eco-compatible processes

The company uses material coming exclusively from the maximum radius of 700 km, to avoid transport over long distances

Wood waste is placed on recovery platforms, such scraps are used for the production of recycled wood panels.

Social impact

Gruppo Sigel supports the Leonardo 500 Foundation as a social responsibility and numerous social and cultural initiatives in its territory.


introducing young people to labour market

  Poverty and inequalities reductions

Fight against climate change

Promotion and use of energy from clean and renewable sources

Cultural and social enhancement of the territory.